denvergrandprixWhen you live in the United States, and you are visiting a different state, you need to know a lot about their laws and regulations so you won’t get yourself into trouble. If you are planning to travel and you are bringing your gun with you, it’s best to check the Gun safety regulations of the state that you are going to visit. There are different gun safety regulations in the United States, and they are all unique from one another. One of the most common and basic safety regulation is having a gun safe for personal use.

In Denver, gun owners are expected to follow the implemented rules when it comes to gun safety. If these rules are not obeyed, the gun owner will be penalized or might even be sent to jail depending on the gravity of the case. The best thing to do is research about the place that you are visiting first and if you need to carry a handgun with you, abide by their rules and laws. Better yet, just leave the guns at home in a reliable gun safe like the Mesa Safe. It can store more than on gun. Here is the Gun Safety Regulations in Denver for your information.

Concealed Carry

Colorado is a state that has a shall issue jurisdiction for concealed carry. This jurisdiction means that you need a license to carry a concealed gun. These permits are issued by the sheriff of the county and is only valid for five years. The applicants must show that they are very competent when using a handgun by passing a class or any other means. The Concealed Carry Act that was passed in Colorado lets a person with a license carry a weapon in all places within the state except some of the federal properties, schools, buildings with security checkpoints like courthouses. This Act also disallows the local authorities to enforce some resolution or ordinance that will have any conflict with the law.

Open Carry

Open carry and possession of a handgun that is displayed openly or concealed inside your car is permitted without a license in general. However, the local authorities still have the power to not allow you to bring your firearm to places that are under the jurisdiction of the municipality like police stations and municipal buildings. If an ordinance against open carry is written, all of the affected locations need to be posted. In Denver, they have implemented this ban banning of open carry in both county and city. The Colorado Supreme Court allowed Denver to keep the pre-existing ban although it conflicts with the pre-emption law that aims to establish the same kind of firearms policies across the state.

Other Laws

Colorado now requires a background check for all sales of firearms at the expense of the buyer. Magazines that have the capacity of more then 15 rounds or are convertible to have this kind of capacity is not allowed to be sold within the state. However, firearms with large capacity magazines that were obtained before July 1, 2013, can be kept without restrictions. For visitors, they don’t apply the same ban as long as they have obtained legal papers from their home state. Denver law also bans assault weapons of any kind.