denvergrandprixTony Kanaan is a professional race car driver from Brazil. He has won many championships including the Indianapolis 500 and the Indycar championship. Tony is also the only driver that led the Indianapolis 500 in all 7 starts and finally won his first championship on his 12th attempt. Kanaan also joined many other championship leagues like the Champ Car World Series, U.S. 500, 12 Hours of Sebring and 24 Hours of Daytona.

Tony Kanaan or Antoine Rizkallah Kanaan Filho is one of the most popular race car drivers that most aspiring drivers look up to. He is well known for being very organized and level headed and this is why most people are curious about the way he lives. He recently told fans how he maintains his house to keep it in order and if you are one of his die hard fans, you might want to know how he does it.

Pets have their own area to play in.

Like most people, Tony also enjoys playing with his pets and taking care of them. However, to make sure that there is no mess inside the house, he has a dedicated area where his pets can play in and sleep. This makes it easier for him to keep his house clean and tidy. It’s also easier to clean after your pets if you have a dedicated space for them within the house. After signing up a partnership with Milk-Bones, Tony has become some sort of ambassador for pets. For proper clean up at home, you will need to have a pet hair vacuum. A great machine to rely on would be the Hoover T-Series. It has received a lot of good reviews.

An electric fireplace is used in the den.

The den is where people usually hangout when it’s winter time and it’s too cold to go outside. An electric fireplace should replace a normal one because it works just as well and is much tidier than a traditional fireplace. Most people prefer electric fireplace nowadays because it’s less hassle, and you don’t need to build a chimney for the smoke to come out. The only downside of an electric fireplace is that it might cause your electric bills to go higher.

The kitchen is located outside the house.

To keep the dining area clean, there is a kitchen located outside the house where the cooking happens. When there are guests or functions in the house, there are much foods to be prepared so it can get a bit messy. If you build a kitchen extension outside of the house and do all the cooking there, it will help keep your dining area tidy.

All the rooms have their shower and bathroom.

To make sure that everything is organized, and personal belongings don’t get mixed up, each room has its shower and bathroom. This helps avoid having too much bath products in one shower room that is considered as clutter. Having a well-organized bathroom will also help a person relax while they are taking a bath or a quick shower. This is also good for hygiene issues especially if someone in the house has skin allergies or irritation that can be transferred to another person by using the same soap, towel or other personal effects.