denvergrandprixCar racing is considered as an extreme sport, and there are many who suffered from injuries and even death when they meet an accident on the course. This is why there are proper safety gears required for a car race driver to wear for every race. These safety gears are required, and no race car driver will be allowed to participate if they lack even one of them. To know more about the proper safety gear for race car driving, here are some of the information.

Helmet and Neck Gear

A helmet with neck support is required because some accidents might target the neck as well as the face. There are many kinds of this helmet being sold in the market today for race car driving, but an SFI certified foam racing collar is required. This material offers minimal protection in all sorts of impacts. There are better helmets being sold, and they offer more protection for your head and neck, but they are also more expensive. The legit brand names of head and neck devices are Hutchens, Simpson, NecksGen and Isaac and many more. These brands are highly recommended because they are tested to pass the minimum requirement of head and neck protection when it comes to the material being used.

Helmets, like fire resistant clothing, are given ratings by a third party organization called the Snell Foundation. There are two major categories given to helmets that are given to helmets used for motorized activities, SA for automobile use and M for motorcycle use. It’s important to know this because M certified helmets look almost the same as SA helmets, but they are built with different standards when it comes to protection. The Snell Foundation also updates these certifications once every five years.

Suit and Fire Gear

Not all safety gear for is created with the same process and materials. There are many types of fire resistant clothes if you try to search for them on the internet but if you are going for car racing gear you want only the items that are built for automobile racing use. No other type of suit will fit the need of the sport and will meet the insurance requirements that every car racer can adhere to.

Most fire resistant suits are made of Proban and Nomex along with some other cotton or prosaic materials in other areas. Proban is cheaper than Nomex in general. Proban is an organic material that’s specially treated, and Nomex is synthetic that is purpose-built. Most people say that Proban is not as durable and as high quality as Nomex, but some manufacturers do not agree. No matter what is true, the ratings both need to meet the same ratings.

There are options when it comes to your fire resistant suit. There are categories within the certification that tells you how long the suit can protect you from burns in case of fire. The general rule is that, the higher the SFI rating, the higher the chances you have of getting out of the car or getting burned.

Casual Wear

After racing, drivers need to put on some casual wear, and because they put pressure on their foot a lot, they are prone to plantar fasciitis. There are many shoes that can relieve this condition and that is what race car drivers should go for to protect their feet. For casual wear after changing from their gear, racers can check out these stylish sneakers that are great for people with plantar fasciitis.